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The Pratt Institute History of Art & Design theses archive is a free, publicly-accessible repository of scholarly theses produced within the program. This archive includes theses by graduated students who have given their permission to make their work accessible to the public, complete with the entire written document and images that represent their papers. Please feel free to browse the site by Thesis, Collection, or through the Map function. Enjoy!

If you are a Pratt alum and would like your work included in the site, you may submit it on your own via the "Submit Thesis" tab, or email


As a department, we believe that the reproduction of the theses and the images embedded in the theses on this site falls under the category of fair use as put forth by the Visual Resources Association. Below are some of the guidelines included in their "Statement on Fair Use of Images for Teaching, Research, and Study":

"Graduate students (and libraries, or publishers of online repositories of theses and dissertations) may be best positioned to assert fair use if:

---Significant commentary, or other original content, accompanies images included in the thesis or dissertation (as is almost uniformly the case);

---Images included in a dissertation or thesis are the subject of commentary, or are included to illustrate a scholarly argument, and are not included for purely aesthetic purposes;

---Images are incorporated at a size or resolution necessary to make the best scholarly argument (for example, large images may be best or even required to illustrate small background elements or obscure details, but in other instances, smaller reference images may suffice).

---Attributions are provided to the copyright owners of the images (and any works depicted in the images), where known. Although not legally required under fair use, attributions may help demonstrate a user’s good faith in adhering to the broader scholarly traditions of providing citations when using others’ works (which traditions are especially strong in the context of publications).

---The circulation and distribution of the dissertation or thesis through online websites or repositories is consistent with academic practices or requirements set forth by the degree-granting institution."

For further information, please refer to the VRA Fair Use Guidelines. If for whatever reason you feel that we are unfairly representing any information on this site, please contact the HA&D Office.