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Submission Guidelines

  • All theses must be submitted in pdf format.
  • For the file name, use your year of graduation, followed by an underscore and your full initials. For example: 2011_DLP.
  • Please submit one color image (.jpg) with your thesis to appear as a representative image on our web page. The image will be displayed as a square thumbnail
  • Upload the PDF thesis before uploading your image.


All images submitted within your pdf must adhere to copyright law. Two-dimensional images of artwork that was created before 1923 are in the public domain, and may be used freely. In order to use images of artwork created after 1923, you must obtain permission from the copyright holder (usually the artist). Photographs of three-dimensional artworks, such as sculpture or architecture, are legally considered artwork in their own right, and copyright permission must be obtained from the photographer, or use personal photos or photos licensed under creative commons. As an alternative to obtaining copyright permission, thumbnail sized images may be used freely.

Personal Information

In order to contribute, you must read and agree to the Thesis Submission Agreement